Corset or Bustier?

The vibes both designs create are completely different and should not be understated or compared. There is this idea that corsets are for fuller women while bustier is designed for curvier women. Well, that is completely wrong.
Both designs are great and can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Bigger or smaller boobs the trick is simply knowing exactly what look you’re going for. So, here’s some quick roundabout definition and tips to keep in mind the next time you go shopping.

Corsets are undergarments designed to accentuate the waste and potentially the bottom. So, if you’re looking for something to accentuate your waist, hips, and ass. Well, a corset is what you want to get. I always advice softer materials like cotton, specifically because corsets do a lot of cinching, and so inevitably can be tight, and you want as little pain or the possibility of scarring.
Bustiers as the name implies, are designed to accentuate the bust, your boobies. So, when looking for that extra support or rounded cleavage, bustier should be your aim. Bustiers are designed for the breast and so, they can come in the form of simple bras or a bra with some material that stretches below the upper waist, and in some cases even cover the tummy. In the case of bustiers, these are particularly great for wearing over skirts and trousers, as opposed to just being undergarments. So, regardless of material, you can pretty much get the best of your buck out of these.

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