fun ways to recycle your lingerie; Baby dolls.

Today I’m going to be exploring fun ways to recycle your lingerie and amp up your seduction game.

Baby dolls. If you follow this blog, you know there is a special place in my heart for baby dolls and body suits, so I won’t toot their horns any further. I will, however, show some great ways we can design them. For maximum appeal.

If you own an old pair of baby dolls that you cannot bear to let go of. A fun trick I like to do is to cut off the flowing ends of the baby doll. Make sure to cut from below the band. This way you are able to use the remaining material as a fun bralette that can be worn in and out of the bedroom. The left-over material, if you’re a fan of sewing can be turned into garters. (fun tip is to fold each end and sew in from the middle, this creates a ruffle effect on the garters.

Looking for ways to make an old baby doll look sexier. This is a trick you’ll love. Note: you have to do this with the utmost care. Take a working pair of scissors and slit the sides of your baby doll. Before doing so, you are going to want to use a pin to point outwear the cutting should stop. As always, I recommend right below the band of the bralette section. Take the slit points and hold fold them at the top ends. Sew those ends together. (fun tip is to use tiny ribbons or bows to cover the sewing job.) This helps to show more skin while also accentuating the waist area with the slit.

Those are two fun ways to switch up an old pair of kinky lingerie for sexy time. Hope you enjoy trying these out!

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