How to Find Lingerie You Will Love

If you’ve ever tried to buy sexy lingerie, you know how hard it can be. Most women feel the general rule is to find a piece that exposes the most amount of skin, but the truth is, a woman can only feel sexy if she is comfortable and confident. With that in mind, here are some general rules for buying lingerie you will love.

Avoid Fidgeting: A lot of erotic lingerie has features that constantly need to be adjusted. Bottoms ride up, straps fall down and so on. Instead of opting for these pieces, go for higher coverage pieces that don’t sacrifice style. A quality contour bra will be great for holding everything in place and it can be irresistible in the bedroom when paired with matching panties.

Choose Comfort: When buying kinky lingerie, many women go for a sexy look and sacrifice comfort. One example of this is thong panties that dig in at the hips. To keep this from happening, choose a pair with a wider band as opposed to a thin strap at the top. A lacy strap is alluring and can make the perfect bottom for that contour bra.

Avoid Itchy Fabrics: In creating lingerie, materials are often used that don’t prioritize a woman’s comfort level. To make sure you are staying comfortable, opt for fabrics that are so soft and supple, you can even sleep in them. Fabrics like rayon are recommended or, if you are looking for an effortlessly sexy babydoll lingerie look, nothing beats a silk chemise.

Elevate Your Shorts Sets: A lot of women feel most comfortable wearing a cami with a loose pair of shorts when they are lounging around the house with their partner. You can still get this level of comfort and add an alluring flair by looking for designs that incorporate a bit of lace and other stylish accents.

Opt for a Comfy Teddy: One piece lingerie can be very convenient. Women who opt for this style will enjoy not having to look for multiple pieces when they want to get sexy. However, many one pieces are tight, pulling up at the crotch and down at the breasts. Avoid this by wearing teddy lingerie that provides a looser fit. A top that gently cinches at the waist can be paired with a skirted bottom or relaxed fit shorts.

The comfort these pieces of erotic lingerie provide will get you feeling cool, confident and effortlessly sexy. What do you recommend for comfy lingerie that rocks those curves?

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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