seduction tips for men

There are many ways to seduce your partner and often times the responsibility is placed on the woman if there is one in the relationship. This while horribly sexist also means that there’s little advice out there for MLM relationships. So today fellas I bring you some great seduction tips for the bedroom and ooh, maybe even out.

Corsets, for men who enjoy exploring the feminine side, or pushing the boundaries of what is considered conventional gender, corsets are a great alluring undergarment. They enhance the waistline while also helping to highlight the chest and ass areas. So, wondering what kind to get, try lace or softer satin, this way you get to enjoy comfort while also seducing your partner. These are also really great for highlighting your frame beneath a tightfitting outfit!

Try exploring materials on your briefs, sure conventional briefs are cool and comfortable, but if you mean business like I hope you do, then you’re going to need to step up your material game. Lace, satin and chiffon lining are great places to start when exploring new brief materials. They add a level of sexy that helps boost your confidence and comfort. While also making your partner hot and ready for you!

Try what I like to think of ass vibrant and intoxicating colors. If you aren’t really comfortable with more extrovert lingerie or pushing your boundaries with materials just yet. Something as simple as color change can set the mood. Try bold colors like blue-based reds, royal purple, and dark forest green. Pastel pinks are hues that are also known to trigger romantic thoughts and feelings.

Happy seducing Fellas!

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