Sexy Time Tips

There are many ways to spice up the bedroom and as we’ve explored many things in the past, from toys to lingerie. So today I am gonna be leaving quick tips to turn any night erotic. The right lingerie can move mountains or in this case erections! Try on a pair of strapless brassieres. The… Continue reading Sexy Time Tips


How To Revitalize an old Corset

There are different kinds of corsets out there. And owning a corset at the very least is the first stage in a greater more outstanding collection of sensual lingerie. However, sometimes you want to spice up already owned lingerie or just make for a different look. Here are some steps to do that. Double thread.… Continue reading How To Revitalize an old Corset


Toys for fun times.

We love to talk about the many fun ways we can foray into more explorative forms of bedroom activity. But how about some fun toys to take along? I mean we do call sex “fun time” and what’s more fun than toys? I have prepared a list of fun toys that not only come with… Continue reading Toys for fun times.


seduction tips for men

There are many ways to seduce your partner and often times the responsibility is placed on the woman if there is one in the relationship. This while horribly sexist also means that there’s little advice out there for MLM relationships. So today fellas I bring you some great seduction tips for the bedroom and ooh,… Continue reading seduction tips for men


Corset or Bustier?

The vibes both designs create are completely different and should not be understated or compared. There is this idea that corsets are for fuller women while bustier is designed for curvier women. Well, that is completely wrong. Both designs are great and can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Bigger or smaller… Continue reading Corset or Bustier?


Thoughts on Teddies

Teddies are the new wave. How do I know this? Well, for one every time I scroll through my phone or twitter feed, I am besieged with ads detailing several kinds of teddies. Now, while we all appreciate a good teddy? What are these things? Well, teddy or cami-knickers as some prefer to call it… Continue reading Thoughts on Teddies


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